Functional Physiology & Bio-Energetic Medicine



Functional Physiology & Bio-Energetic Medicine treatments help identify and eliminate roadblocks that prevent the body from healing itself.  Treatments focus on restoring communication and cooperation between the various body functions (physical and non-physical), supporting the body to work as an integrated unit instead of as individual muscles, organs and glands.  


All the different body functions and systems interact and communicate with each other in a myriad of complex pathways.  These communication pathways are regulated by a person’s “biological computer” (that which controls the body’s automated functions).  If these programs run too fast, too slow or not at all, pathologies develop.  Functional Physiology & Bio-Energetic Medicine treatments can optimize the flow of energy and communication within these systems by balancing the body’s “bio-computer,” and thereby addressing the cause, not just the symptom.

Functional Physiology & Bio-Energetic Medicine treatments allow the practitioner to identify as little as a 3% - 5% malfunction(s) in the body, so that these can be corrected and prevent them from developing into serious conditions.  This holistic practice access the body's innate wisdom so that the malfunctions are addressed in the priority that will help restore optimal function in the least amount of time.

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